My life is good

Lately there’s been an internet craze over the website, on which users post short stories about terrible things that have happened to them. The stories range from everyday bad to once-in-a-lifetime major suckage. Here’s a sample:

Today, for my birthday, my brother gave me some of those fake ‘Harry Potter’ edible cockroaches. I ate one. It wasn’t fake. FML

Today, my boyfriend told me he couldn’t hang out with me because he felt really sick. I went to his house anyway to surprise him with homemade soup. I walk in to his room only to find him hooking up with my sister. She can’t drive, our mom drove her there. FML

Today, my girlfriend dumped me proclaiming she wanted someone more like her “Edward”. I asked her who Edward was. She held up a copy her “Twilight” book. She was talking about a fictional vampire. FML

A few days ago, I learned of a similar site, This website lets users post average things that happen to them every day:

Today, I went to see a movie and when it said to turn my phone off, I only silenced it. Nobody cared. MLIA

Today, I ripped the tag off of my bed’s mattress. I have not yet been arrested. MLIA.

Today, I opened the fridge. There was nothing I wanted to eat in there. After 15 minutes, I opened it again. There still wasn’t anything I wanted to eat in there. MLIA

Even though the stories on there are completely average, for some reason I find it equally as entertaining as fml. It’s oddly comforting to think about all the little things in life that don’t go wrong.

Today, I find out about a new website, People post short stories about things that made them really feel good. Most of the things people post are totally normal things that might happen to us every day — they’re actually mundane usually — but they are taking the time to be grateful for them.

Today I was reading MLIG and I realized how much of a difference kind words can make in people’s lives. I decided to make it my goal to make someone’s day more often than I make someone laugh. If YLIG, MLIG 🙂

Today, I found out the results of my SAT Chemistry subject test. I did not fail miserably and my parents are proud. MLIG

Today, I went to Old Navy and they had a flip flop sale. I bought 6 pairs and only paid $6.44. My receipt informed me that I saved $15. MLIG.

It’s nice to think that the things that really make you hate your life seem to often be weird, freak incidents, and in between those rare instances are a lot of mundance things that could make you really love your life if you noticed them more often. mylifeisg!

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  1. Very nice post, Caitlin. And all three sites are now bookmarked. Thanks! 🙂

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