New semester, same over-commitment addiction

Although I’m entering my last semester of college, it almost feels like I’m already out of school. I only need to complete two units in order to graduate from UC Davis, and my major and minor are complete.

Oddly enough, because of my high language ability, most of my classmates are in a similar situation. They are mostly graduating seniors, so this semester the bulk of their academic energy will be focused on completing their senior thesis papers. Accordingly, classes are lighter this semester, leaving me with an easily fillable “hole.” In case you don’t know me well, hole is written as “hole” because of my over-commitment addiction, since any normal person would probably be perfectly happy to settle for a lighter classload and more time to absorb material and relax.

Despite my promises to the contrary last semester, I’ve again taken on quite a load this semester.

I’m planning to take advanced writing, contemporary literature, investigation current topics, advanced Chinese reading and maybe a Chinese idiom class.

I’ll be studying for the HSK test, which will be vital to me in finding work. The HSK measures your Chinese language ability with multiple choice, essay, interview and listening comprehension. I’ve heard that Koreans start studying for it in elementary school. I’m. so. scared.

I’m currently reviewing a book for my old publishing house, Berrett-Koehler, which I LOVE and puts out really great books on business, current affairs and self-help topics. I can’t really tell you what the current book I’m reading for them is, but I think it would be very interesting to many of my readers. I previously worked a bit on B-K books The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die, Crunch (my personal favorite), Prescription for Survival and Flight Plan.

I also just got a freelance job through one of my professors out of the blue. I’m correcting textbooks designed to teach Americans to speak Mandarin. So far it’s pretty interesting, and the company seems like a great work environment. Plus, I get to work from home, which is perfect with my schedule.

I will also be starting an internship soon at The Beijinger, which is a well-known expat magazine in Beijing. It sounds like it will be a lot of fun, and of course a lot of work I’m guessing.

And finally, I’m hoping to find time to do some volunteering at NGOs in Beijing.

Yup. I think I’m going to be really bored this semester.

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