I have a bun in the oven.

Today, I finally brought home my baby. I’ve been slowly preparing for weeks, getting the apartment ready. Finally, today was the day!

No, I’m not keeping a small child in the box. It’s my new oven! I had to carry the dang thing up five-and-a-half flights of stairs myself, but it wasn’t that bad. Actually, ovens are mostly hollow since you have to put stuff in them, so it was pretty light. The box was just a little too big for my arm span, so it was awkward.

As soon as I got it home I cleared a space for it on my least favorite desk and set it up. I got the same brand as a friend who makes amazing baked goods, and I got the nicest biggest oven the store had. It cost a whopping $160 USD, but it was worth it. It has multiple movable racks and a chicken potato? rotisserie. After getting it all plugged in and settled, I amassed my baking supplies for a good, old-fashioned, new neighbor get-together. The cinnamon sticks did not make an appearance, but they exist.

Then I set about cleaning my oven. I splurged and used hot water to clean the racks, and then I put everything in the oven and turned it on high for 15 minutes, as per the directions. About ten minutes later I came into the bedroom and discovered that the oven was blowing smoke/steam and smelled like crap. I chalked it up to the water/packing oils evaporating, opened a window, and hoped it wasn’t carcinogenic.

Then I got to baking! I didn’t want my first baking experience with my new oven to end in disaster, so I used my chocolate chocolate chip cookie mix and make a quick batch of cookies. Do you have any idea how amazing warm chocolate cookies and a glass of milk are? Because I had forgotten until today. Some of the cookies broke a little, so I had to eat the ugly ones. Also, I’m not ashamed to admit that I dropped part of a cookie, and I still ate that sucker off the ground. That is what happens to you when you go four months without fresh baked goods.

This is my first batch of cookies with my new best friend. The baking sheet that came with the oven is kind of small and not level, but it worked!

I brought my cookies to work with me, which really pleased Jeff, since now he has cookies too. When I came home from work, my apartment still smelled like fresh cookies.

I love my new oven!

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