Osaka in a nutshell

We arrived in Osaka in the early afternoon without plans to do much touring. Osaka is mostly a shopping city, so we decided to just relax. We were in a particularly big shopping area, where there were just miles of covered pedestrian shopping arcades with beautiful and funky clothing. We didn’t really buy anything, but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.

Ever since I’ve heard of the capsule hotel, I’ve been sort of horrified and fascinated by the concept. So, of course we knew we just had to stay at one at least once in Japan!

Most capsule hotels only allow men, because you can’t actually lock your own little capsule, and usually only businessmen would want to stay in a capsule. However, we were able to find one that allowed women, yippee!
Contrary to my fears, it was actually really nice! The women’s floor was locked at all times, so safety wasn’t a concern, and the amenities were great. I’m a fan of small spaces and felt really comfortable in my little capsule cubby.

The hotel also had a communal lounge with absurdly comfortable lounge chairs, TV and free wifi, so we felt like kings. If I could do it again, I think I’d choose capsules over hostels, in fact. Although you wouldn’t think it, it felt like I had more privacy and quiet in a capsule room with 30 other women than I did in a hostel room of four.