Hiroshima A-bomb memorial

On our way to our next town, we stopped off in Hiroshima to see the A-bomb peace memorials and museums. While it isn’t the happiest place on Earth, I strongly encourage all to go see them. As the first city in the world to be hit by an atomic bomb, Hiroshima has become an activist against war and nuclear proliferation. The museum exhibits are politically fair and do a very moving and accurate job at describing what happened physically and emotionally to the citizens of Hiroshima when the bomb went off.

Outside the A-bomb museum lies Peace Park, there stands the A-bomb dome. When the atomic bomb exploded above the city, virtually everything was reduced to rubble, but a few buildings were left somewhat intact, including the A-bomb dome. As the city was rebuilt, many were torn down, but a movement to remember that day ensured that this one was preserved as a monument.

I’m sure that if similar monuments and museums were erected for every war, there would be much stronger voices against armed conflict. The horrors of war are certainly not limited to the atomic bomb, and I’d like to see all war eradicated, not just nuclear warfare.