I know Japan is famous for this, but I still have to blog about it after Jeff’s infamous China bathroom post.

So, the toilets in Japan are robots. At the hostel we are currently in, when you open the bathroom door the toilet seat automatically lifts up, and a small fountain colored by green lights starts in the toilet bowl. When you sit on the toilet seat, it warms noticeably, and there are several different bidet options. When you flush the toilet, a small sink above the tank starts, and the sink refills the toilet tank. Pretty ingenious, and a space-saver too!

Word to the wise though — these toilets are not for amateurs, just like squatties they have potential pitfalls. Namely, make sure you scoot your bum all the way back if you’re going to experiment with the bidet settings, otherwise you’ll end up with a lovely wet patch all the way up your back. Yeah… that happened.

It’s also important to note that Western toilets are apparently as mystifying to some people here as squatties were to us. This little sticker was on another hotel toilet.

I can only read about 1/3 of most Japanese, but I’m guessing it’s instructional in nature. Tee hee!