The bounty of Spring

Spring is just around the corner in Beijing, with high temperatures of around 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the past week. The sun has been out every day, and I’ve been really enjoying the foods that have come around.

Beijing has these really pathetic, anemic strawberries for sale on the street, that I have been avoiding for weeks because strawberries should be red, not white with red patches. But the other day, I finally tried one and found that they are delicious. I guess the adage that the uglier a strawberry is, the better it tastes holds true in Beijing as well as in California. In fact, Beijing strawberries taste far and away better than California Safeway strawberries. I was surprised, because I didn’t think that China could really beat California at much besides cancer rates and pollution/toxic waste poisoning, but it turns out that the Sichuan region turns out a mean strawberry, and cheap too! Street berries are 9 kuai per pound.

Here is what we had for dinner the other day: Feta cheese and broccoli sauce pasta, coleslaw, and strawberries with vanilla yogurt.

Jeff bought me some strawberries yesterday, which are much prettier and consequently less tasty than the street berries. He also ate a lot of strawberries at several friends’ homes, and came down with a mean case of food poisoning because of it. So, for now my new berries are on probation in the fridge. But they sure are pretty!

I might make jam or some kind of sauce out of them — at any rate it’s a good idea to cook them I think. I ate some without problems, but you don’t want to get 拉肚子 when you’re out and about every day.

2 thoughts on “The bounty of Spring

  1. Wait, is it purely a coincidence that we both made broccoli feta pasta this week or did Jeff give you the recipe that I used? What did you think of it?

  2. It was OK, although the feta cheese here wasn’t very strong. Also, a pound of broccoli really overwhelmed it I think. Although there’s a chance that the scale in the alley market is prone to measuring inaccurately. Another thing is that I left Jeff in the kitchen with the pasta sauce and access to lemon juice… so it came out a little… lemony. Also, ours wasn’t very saucy, since we don’t have a blender. I would still make it again though, I’m just saying it’s probably pretty different from the normal outcome. Despite all our/China’s efforts at sabotage, it was still pretty good.

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