Some weather we’re having!

Last week, fed up with the 110-day drought, the Beijing authorities successfully made it rain using weird, futuristic technology that I will not be able to explain. It was refreshing to have some humidity, and since the temperatures were ranging from the forties to the high fifties, it wasn’t too miserable.

The weather seems to have been a false Spring, however. Yesterday it started snowing in earnest, or at least, as earnestly as Beijing can snow these days. Previously snow lasted for about 20 minutes before the weather got too warm, but yesterday and today it was snowing steadily off and on throughout the day and night. In the morning, the whole city was covered in about an inch of clean, clean popcorn snow, and giant dime-sized flakes were floating down slowly. There are icicles on all the cars and snow patches on all the bicycle seats. It’s actually very pretty out, since the snow disguises the usual pollution and dirt.

It should snow tomorrow, and I hope it does. As much as I loved last week’s tease of spring, and hate having to carefully coordinate layers of socks, long johns, sweaters and such, I do love the romance of a powder-sugared walk to school.