Tis the season?

So winter is officially here, according to the Chinese government and my frozen toes. Right now it is 28 degrees fahrenheit according to Google, but I’d be willing to bet it’s a lot colder with added wind chill. Today we had to usual story of high winds making my place drafty and knocking things around outside the building.

Next week is Thanksgiving, which means that those of you in the states have been listening to Christmas music for a month now. It’s a little weird to go into malls here and still hear upbeat techno covers of the Beatles instead of a six-week-long barrage of Christmas music. Naturally, at first I thought I had the better end of the stick — who doesn’t get sick of Christmas music in October? But now it’s almost Thanksgiving, and with only four weeks until I head home for the holidays, I’m feeling a distinct absence of the Christmas spirit.

Did I just hear Devin throw up?

Anyway, as the temperatures drop, my natural instinct is to begin exuding and enjoying that Christmas spirit. Though I never noticed it much before, people really are generally nicer and happier during the holidays, including myself. Beijing even has many of the indicators of Christmas — the aroma of roasting chestnuts on every street corner, a chill snap to the air, the faint smell of chimney smoke. I’ve even seen a conical-shaped array of lights. But the Christmas spirit just isn’t here. It’s confusing my subconscious, I think.

At any rate, anyone who wants something from China should speak now! I’ll be doing my shopping as soon as midterms are over. Which, for anyone who’s counting, will be approximately during the time I’m supposed to prepare for finals.