The Best Set Ever.

On Saturday when we were at the mall, Jeff and I experienced the most magical and thrilling rock set I have ever and will ever know.

The band consisted of about four scruffy, hipster Chinese guys, and one apparent chef. We came over to listen to the set because a couple of Chinese guys playing reggae is always an interesting and confusing experience. Partway through the set, we began to realize the genius that was unfolding.

The first song they played was a reggae song about going home to Zion. I’m pretty sure the singer didn’t know anything about Babylon or Zion, and certainly wasn’t aware that he was doing a good job heading a Christian rock band in atheist China. Maybe we don’t have to be so quiet at meeting after all…

After the first song, the apparent chef took over the vocals. He started off with Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” which was pretty amazing in a train wreck kind of way. Some of those R sounds can be a little rough, you know? He also did Tina Turner’s little dance (see 1:50 of the clip). Because of that, Jeff is pretty sure he learned the song off of a Youtube video. Without missing a beat, he segued into “Venus,” currently best known as the song from the Gillette razor commercials. Then in a musical leap unseen in the modern era, he was singing “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston.

So some of the words may have been garbled a little, and not all the notes were on key. But still, pure genius.