This weekend, the building’s heat got turned on. This is amazing, especially since it’s been getting really, really cold here. In fact, I have been spending most of my time at home snuggled fully dressed in my fuzzy bathrobe, under a comforter and an open sleeping bag. Getting out of bed in the morning was terrible, because the floor is ice, and removing the covers caused instant chattering.

Now, all has changed, and it’s glorious. I can walk on the floors barefoot! I can move about the apartment without four layers on! Showers are much less miserable! Indoors and outdoors are differentiated. Life is wonderful.

There are some caveats. One, I can’t change or turn off the heat, since it’s controlled for the whole building. Two, I just bought a second heavy comforter because of the cold temps, and now it feels like the heating gods are laughing at me.