A Familiar Feeling

When I was growing up, the house of lived in was in a desperate state of disrepair. It leaked in the rain, and windows didn’t seal, so it was quite cold almost all the time. Accordingly, when I was home I was almost always tucked under my blankets with a warm kitten on my lap.

Lately, the weather in Beijing has been cold and foggy, reminding me of San Francisco weather. Last night a sudden, violent rainstorm kicked up, and it’s still very windy here today. My downstairs neighbors’ satellite dish fell off the building and is now hanging by a wire, waving around and banging against the building with every gust. The awning outside my window (formerly above my window) looks like it may also disengage itself from the building without much more prodding from the weather. I hope the air conditioning unit from the apartment upstairs is secured more tightly than my awning and my neighbors’ satellite dish. I don’t want that thing falling through my window.

My house is cold, and I’m already hating the winter weather. The only silver lining is that I potentially get to see things fall off our building and plummet to the ground. Yay for destruction of property!