Milking the government censors

With the recent — and most likely partial — disclosure of milk contamination by China’s leading dairy companies, it’s hard not to have deja vu. Reading the articles about the contamination, it’s hard to really convey just how common these brands are. It’d be like learning that Yoplait and Dannon and Nestle sell killer products — I used to eat Yili yogurt every day.

It’s s frustrating how incompetent and secretive the government is about product safety, and I can’t help but feel that it will only take a few more years and a few more incidents like this for there to be a huge outbreak of protest and outrage from the public. Even now, people are starting to post on the Internet and to speak out against the government’s policies. It boggles the mind how the government is so good at regulating entertainment and the Internet, but it seems unable to do things to protect the health and safety of its people. Where was the money and manpower to prevent the school collapses in the earthquake, the unsafe toys, tainted pet foods and widespread HIV contamination of blood banks? And why, if it causes so much embarrassment and international outrage, does the government continue to disregard public safety in favor of bolstering profits and protecting their political monopoly?

It’s so apparent here that things like this will continue to happen, in fact, it feels like the public almost expects this kind of neglect and deceit from the government. I know that I do, and it’s all too easy to sit back and do nothing. People have very little power over officials here, and it’s pretty much expected that they are corrupt. I honestly don’t know sometimes if it will be possible to change things because the public is kept complacent by their own apathy toward domestic politics and a state-controlled media. I guess it gives Americans a taste of the possible future.

At any rate, I’ve now been deprived of my morning yogurt. Great. Oh well, I pretty much assume a lot of the products I use are toxic anyway.