The academic masochism begins

Today I more or less settled my class schedule with seven classes. All the classes I’ve been to so far have fewer than 10 people, and more people are thinking of switching out of the class, so I may have a really good chance of setting the pace for the classes I’m in. I’m taking an advanced conversation class, advanced reading and writing, classical Chinese, modern Chinese literature, classical Chinese poetry, linguistics of Chinese and newspaper reading. It’s a lot, but I decided to stay in a level that might be a little bit below my level so that I could handle more breadth. The reading and writing class seems a little easy, and the classical Chinese class will be relatively easy, but it’s still classical Chinese, which is hard no matter what. I’m almost out of advanced classes to take anyway, so I figured I might as well take these lower level classes this quarter, get the material down really well, and then just take university classes next quarter.


I also might (very likely) have an English teaching job at the prestigious middle school associated with BNU. It’s nice having everything fall into place, but I’m (as always) going to be a busy bee this semester.