Jeff is a computer hog

So, I got an email from parents this morning basically wondering if I’m alive and what I’m doing. Obviously Jeff has been doing most of the updating, so while I have the computer, I just wanted to let everyone know I’m fine, and that Jeff is a computer hog. He has food poisoning combined with lactose intolerance, which means he’s feeling miserable enough that I easily got the computer while he went to take a nap. One man’s downfall is another man’s opportunity, I say! Ha ha!

3 thoughts on “Jeff is a computer hog

  1. We recommend a Tbsp. of Pepto Bismol for Jeff, but where did he find food with lactose in China? That takes some doing.

  2. I have been spending a lot of time in Europe and always come home craving nice crisp raw vegetables… The menus leave little question as to why there is such a small Asian population. Care for some rich gouda cheese in Amsterdam next month, Jeff?… I’ll share my internet time!

  3. Ah, Jeff is alive and well, abeit with a touch of the Asian curse from the genes from my side of the great pond. It should be less than half as bad since your European percentage is greater.

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