After leaving Kotohira, we caught a one-hour local train to Takamatsu. The main attraction there is a large Japanese garden, considered to be one of the best gardens in Japan. So, we spent some time at the garden and relaxed, happy to have a light day of activities.

Our elevensies was sweet mochi with fresh strawberry in it, a recommendation of Jeff’s aunt Carla. It was deeeelish!

Well hello there Mr. Dragon Fly!

Doesn’t get anymore Japanese than a crane on a red, wooden bridge.

We spent a lot of time feeding the fish and looking for turtles.

I finally found a turtle at the end of the day!

One thought on “Takamatsu

  1. Strawberry mochi… Oishii, des ne!
    (Are you guys alive, by the way?—Nobody has heard hide nor hair of you.)

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