Beijing Eats

Because I spent an exorbitant amount of money eating out when Kieran was here, I’ve spent the last week staying home and trying to save some moolah.

This means lots of cooking! I’ve been busy baking a lot of bread, an apple sauce coffee cake, and various tofu dinners.

While this recipe for no-knead bread has been making the rounds in foodie circles for about two years now, I feel compelled to share it. The bread was not only easy to make, it was also ridiculously delicious. So delicious that Jeff and I decided to bake it two days in a row, having consumed the first loaf in a matter of hours. It’s hard to get good bread here, and what you can find is usually expensive, so discovering that we can make our own wonderful bread while barely spending any money on it was quite exciting. I’d show you pictures, but we ate the bread to quickly.

I made it with regular Chinese flour, using my glorified toaster oven and a pot that cost 16 kuai, so I know you can make even better bread using real ingredients and big people ovens. Go ahead, try it! You’ll be delighted with the flavor and texture of this bread, I guarantee it.