Rain rain, stay a while!

Winter came somewhat suddenly to the city a few weeks ago, and since I have about 20 minutes of walking twice a day in commute, I resolved to trade in my cute flats for rain boots.

Originally, I planned to buy them in-person so I wouldn’t have to wait for the boots to come in the mail, but I was foiled by pre-season sales. For some reason, though it was pouring rain and still January, Target was stocking bikinis. Nordstrom, Macy’s and DSW sold only $100+ rain boots. Marshalls, Old Navy and Kohl’s disappointed, and before you know it, I’d been to scads of stores with no rain boots to show for it.

Finally this week I broke down and bought some boots online, and I’m so excited it’s raining right now! Soon they will be here, and though I suspect the rain will stop once they arrive, I also hope that it will continue so that I can actually use them.

Aren’t they just lovely? Too bad I lost my rainbow umbrella… I’m having to make do with rainbow polka dots — such a sacrifice! ugh.

I heart art

Back in Leonardo’s day, few artists’ works were ever seen by anyone other than their mother — actually, I guess by the time you became a decent artist, your mother would probably have died in child birth or of cholera — but I digress. Today, we have the privilege not only of attending museums filled with priceless art, but also of consuming art by thousands of amateurs who have yet to “make it” in the art world. This is part of the reason I love the internet so dearly — it’s a great equalizer. I’ve been browsing deviantART a lot lately and I discovered several photographers I love and want to share.

In particular, this artist, Jonathan Jacobsen, is only 20 years old and produces the most amazing photos.  He lives in Chile, and if it weren’t for the internet, I’d never have seen his work, and neither would you. His series “Rainbow Warriors” brings a smile to my face.

Check out his full gallery here.

I also really like this still life from Little Black Umbrella, a German photographer.

And finally, this photo from Heather Breanne, an 18 year old from the US. Her photos are kind of emo, but pretty nonetheless. Her color palette is perfect for a cold winter night.

Aquamarine Love

Check out this Orbit gum commercial, it’s a dead ringer for the style of The Life Aquatic.

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YouTube Direkthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3wosOSz1lA

See what I mean?

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YouTube Direkthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yU8qhbLP0QM

Wes Anderson really can’t go wrong in my book. I’m going to have to watch something by him again soon for my indie fix.


I’ve been geocaching lately, and to be honest, I’ve been a little disappointed in the items I’ve found. I had always imagined geocaching to be like this scene from Amelie when she discovers the treasures a little boy had hidden in her apartment 40 years previous, and decides to return them to him.

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YouTube Direkthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHpzIRKw5N4

In reality, most people leave things that I doubt ever had an real emotional significance, such as mardi gras beads and stickers.

To me, geocaching should be about making a connection to a stranger and sharing with them something that really could be treasured, something with meaning.

As I’ve been pondering this and creating my first item to be geocached, I was inspired to go through some inherited treasures of my own. Over the years, I’ve collected a small trove of clip-on earrings, bracelets, broaches and necklaces from relatives who have passed, and while many are beautiful and interesting, I don’t know what to do with them.

Here are some photos, suggestions most welcome!

This is a jewelery box from my great aunt. I love the hand-painted scene, and it’s filled with the same little keepsakes many of us have — coins, stamps, odd beads, safety pins and so on. It’s sort of profound to see an entire life of tiny treasures left in the world without explanation. After we’re gone the strangest things stay behind as our testimony.

Assorted clip-on earrings.

Unique broaches — there are a few you can’t see of other types of animals.

I love the little suitcase charm, I wonder why she had it.

Clip-on earrings shaped like clocks!

Anyway, I haven’t decided how to best use and honor these little keepsakes. I’m toying with the idea of using some of them to embellish picture frames, but I just can’t decide. If anyone has neat button and bead ideas, send them along!